Welcome to the Rodeo Of Gorgeous Living

self portrait

I've missed you.

You, my darling readers.
You, blank white page on my computer screen.
I've missed the words and the stories.
I've missed connecting and pulsing and stretching.

And now here we are.

Please grab a bevy and find a soft place to land. It's my hope that you will spend some time here looking around and getting to know us.

Yes, us.

This time, I'm building a community of women writers to join me and share their stories of living creatively, blissfully, and gorgeously.

Many of you know me from Bumble and Bliss, the place where I regained my voice and footing in a tipsy life. If we have never met before, well, I promise we are about to become besties. I'll be here often and regularly, doing what my heart so deeply desires... writing authentic stories about life as I experience it and crafting words into poetry.

I have invited one of the brightest souls I know to join me and I can't wait for you to fall in love with her. I first met Jen Lile when she traveled to the Outer Banks to act as "in house chef" during a two week yoga teacher training intensive. Every morning, during our sunrise yoga session, we would hear her make her way to the downstairs kitchen and blend up the freshest smoothies. She became our biggest cheerleader, witnessing our growth while she grooved happily in the kitchen.

You can read more about Jen on the About page. She'll be treating us to a personal story each month, complete with nourishing recipes to satisfy our cravings for edible bliss. Her collection will appear in the Nourishment section.

I hope that when you come to visit, you feel at home and at ease. May there be enough white space in these words to connect you even deeper with your own life. I am crazy passionate about so many things, and I have found it nearly impossible to focus myself as just a yoga teacher, just a writer, just a wife, just a photographer.

And so this is my (and your) adventure into the rodeo of gorgeous living. This is where bourbon and bubbly and pink lemonade mingle. This is how artful living shows up in the everyday rhythms of life (thank you Sharon for that reframe). This is falling madly head over heels with light and flow and a touch of wildness.

With love,