Writing Inspiration for Bloggers

Coming to my blog to write is a practice in self-care. It's one of the many ways that I find contentment and joy. Add blogging to the list that also has afternoons by the pool, reading scary novels, stirring pots of simmering sauces, photography, and watching reruns of Sex in the City.

Writing brings me back to myself. I'm soothed with each word that moves from my heart onto the white screen.

But it's not always easy.

There will be a breezy afternoon and nothing on the to-do list. I'll find the perfect spot next to a window, open up Blogger, and find that I have no idea what to say. My fingers will hover over the keypad with the same energy as a race horse loaded into the starting gate. Something is begging to be written, but I'm not always sure what.

I rarely journal, so it's important that what I write has purpose, even if it's just a poem that my spirit longs to release. 

Over the years, I have tuned into many sources of inspiration to help ruffle the feathers of creativity and I have learned that nothing is off limits. I'm offering to you some of my most favorite ways to get my fingers running. 

If you ever feel like there isn't anything else you could possibly say or feel like you have nothing to write about, this is for you sweet friend.

..  ..  ..

A good prompt is like a shake-up for the mind. It helps you get into subconcious corners that you didn't even know needed existed. A prompt has the ability to change the way you see things, and this will help your writing voice evolve.

You can find prompts through other bloggers (I like to link back to these bloggers when I'm "borrowing" inspiration from them. It's a sweet way to say thank you and share the love). You can also find them by asking friends or readers to give you a prompt via social media. 

I also go into my visioning books or look at cut-out words to inspire me. Sometimes the words become the title or the story, or sometimes I'll write a bunch of sentences that all begin with the prompt

vision page turned blog title/post

Whether you are sipping sangria with friends or having a heart to heart with a spouse, there is a ton of inspiration found in conversation. What are the questions that are coming up? What are the problems that are being dissected? Begin with these and let your writing be the formula to help you find the answers.

There will often be one sentence, one phrase, one question that will come up in conversation that will take me to the blog. The night that I ate spaghetti for dinner while sharing with my husband some changes that were taking place in my heart, he said Your struggle is very internal. I knew that I needed to explore that one sentence more deeply through writing.

A photo, with so much feeling and story behind it can be a beautiful way to shift you into movement. Let it be the first thing you upload. Let it sit in the white space of your screen and craft a story around it. It doesn't need to be about how or why the photo was taken. Instead, let the energy of the image guide you.

Stream of Conscious
Set a timer for 5 minutes and just start to write. Let it be messy and silly. Let it be fragmented and crude. Don't stop writing, even if it's just to repeatedly type out... i have nothing to write about i have nothing to say right now i'm just sitting here...

When time is up, pull out one sentence only, delete everything else, and start there.

..  ..  ..

When you feel like you have nothing left to say, trust that the words will come. Use what you have around you to begin, just writing about what you see. Let go of expectation and just write for one person. Simplify and instead of writing paragraphs, write a few words per line. 

Yes, there are times when no matter what, writing will feel like a struggle. That is when you go outside and dance and know that the space of a white screen or blank journal page will be waiting for you.