Stop Trying to Make Everyone Like You

A bunch of us gals were Spreecasting one afternoon, (you totally do that, right?), and my spirited friend Alison was blowing my mind with her aha moment.

If everybody likes me, then I’m not being authentically true to myself.  Her words, not mine.

Let that seep into your soul and feel the freedom within that statement.

We can't help this desire to be liked and accepted. We can not be held at fault for such a basic emotional fulfillment. But we need to let this shit go, my friend.

If we are truly leaving our mark in this world in a way that is mind-blowingly authentic, we are gonna piss some people off. We are gonna rattle a few sensibilities and make more than a handful of people uncomfortable.


You'll want to reel it back in and when you find your finger poised over the delete button, just remember, it's not your responsibility to try to make everyone like you.

I'm not suggesting that you turn into a disrespecting jerk. The only thing sexier than being yourself is to be authentic and gracious, kind, humble, and generous.

Trust that there is someone out there that is digging your groove, virtually fist-bumping you because your truth has lit a fire within themselves. Trust that the real version of you is straight up awesome and everyone has their own definition of what awesome looks like.

Be you. Authentically you.

When you stop trying to make everyone like you, you will live louder and on purpose. Your energy will vibrate at a higher level and the people who resonate will be riding your high. too.