Why I Invited My Newsletter Subscribers to Unsubscribe

Here is a little secret to those of you who have subscribed to my newsletter... I worship you.

In fact, all of us newsletter-writing types worship our subscribers. I mean, complete and utter adoration over here. We know what a huge deal it is for you to invite us into your inbox and most of us try really hard to respect that relationship by treating you like the amazing reader that you are. And we would never, ever, intentionally do anything that would cause you to want to unsubscribe.

So, when I sent an e-letter a couple weeks ago to my readers inviting them to do just that, I undoubtedly shocked a few people. Some folks couldn't understand why I would dare do such a thing and, unbeknownst to most people, I had just reached a 'milestone' number of subscribers and now I was saying "hey, why don't you just go ahead and unsubscribe if I'm not knocking your socks off.".

Ok, I didn't use those exact words, but it was close.

My reasons are simply because I have the deepest love for my readers.

1.  Many of my subscribers were, at one point, yoga students that had attended a class or workshop of mine. They signed-up because they wanted to get information on upcoming classes, schedule changes, and offerings. My newsletter no longer has yoga news on it and folks who aren't interested in my ramblings have a right to know of the change in format.

2.  We are constantly evolving and what thrills us one minute may not thrill us a few months from now. I wanted to remind my readers that they deserve to create space in their life by letting go of the things that create meaningless clutter. If my newsletter is one of those things, then they have my blessing to rock and roll without any hard feelings.

3.  I need to know that my reader truly wants me to be there. My newsletter is sacred space and what I share feels intimate. It sometimes feels like I'm telling scandalous secrets to my very best friend. I let loose and get wild, I give my best advice, and I tell the stories that rest deep in my soul. If someone is not interested, they simply need to hit unsubscribe and enjoy more time doing the things that light them up.

I won't lie and say I didn't hold my breath when I sent the invitation to unsubscribe. When the first few unsubscribes came through right away, my heart totally sank. For a moment I wanted to take it all back... no, please don't go!

That letter had the highest open rate than any other letter I've ever sent. When it was all over, only four people chose to unsubscribe and I still stayed above my 'milestone' number.

My inbox started to fill up with messages from readers. Love notes that were moving me to bits. Against my will, I shed tears more than once.

The most interesting thing of all, though, was that I started to see other folks send the same type of invitation to their readers. They get it. They understand the importance of the writer/reader relationship and they (we) know it's not about the numbers, it's about the connections.

So I must say, whether you are a regular reader of this blog or my newsletter, I offer you my deepest thanks. Thanks for sticking around and rocking my world.

PS.  Wishing you were on the list? I understand, I hate being the last to know, too. Get it here sweet friend.