Creating Ritual Around Season

It always starts with the socks. The cool, hardwood floors become too much for bare feet and there is a pulling on of socks after the shower, before bed.

A few cool nights is an invitation to fluff up the flannel sheets and pull out the feather duvet. Buttery soft linens against bare skin, making snow angels under the covers until body heat creates a warm cocoon.

Fewer windows stay open now, and almost all get closed at bedtime. The thermostat is set to kick on just before the alarm, to make the early wake-up a little more cozy.

New sweaters and boots make their way out of cold closets. Bodies are ready to feel the hug of layers, but not before applying the favorite oatmeal body lotion from head to toe.

Soon rugs are pulled out of storage, too, shaken awake and carefully laid on that cool, oak floor.

Even the dogs seem to be keeping off the brick tile, instead huddling on the mat by the kitchen sink. It's precious real estate here, as everyone tries to keep off the floor that is only appreciated during warmer weather.

Meals are chosen for their comforting qualities, and already tummies are showing off their insulating abilities. It might be time to revisit the 30 day plank challenge that's been taped to the fridge since May.

Dishes are lingered over, hands staying warm in the sudsy water. Even laundry gets more attention as hot towels are promptly pulled out of the dryer.

These are rituals created around a season, everything chosen for their snuggly luxury.

Each day a new task is checked off. Breezes are changing and a noticing happens. Scarves of all colors are hugged around collarbones.

The transition between seasons is mystery + familiarity. And it is always my favorite time.

And you, sweet reader? How do you create ritual around season? Tell me in the comments below.


Because you are ready for a more beautiful life.