Your Desire Does Not Need Someone Else's Validation

It seems that I've spent the better part of the last 5 years or so trying to get back to my teenage self. That girl was feral and vibrational and didn't wait for someone else's approval to do things her way.

It was not an easy path to walk, especially in a small town of rural Ontario. I was different and I got bullied, a lot. (High school can be an unforgiving place for self-expression.)  But I was also energetically on fire, experiencing life with every sense turned on.

I'm running my way back to her.

I turned into someone who became paralyzed without the permission of others. External validation became an ugly drug and I depended on the push of others to take the next step or see my own talents.

I lost my intuition and my gold light.

And I see so many other women, just like me.

Waiting for a permission slip to be handed to them, so that they can go do the thing that they really want to do, but don't know they can.

What would happen if we all stopped asking for permission for our desires and wants and, instead, just answered the call ourselves with a hell yeah?

It feels kinda reckless, doesn't it? (Which is why I love it.)

It also feels liberating and euphoric. 

Imagine... you want to write a book. Maybe you repeatedly ask others if you "should" write a book. This is you needing someone else to tell you that you're good enough, or your idea is amazing, or that you will be successful. And maybe you never write that book, because there is not enough validation to fulfill you. Maybe you get stuck in the "what if?". 

Now imagine you want to write a book. You settle in the electric wanting of it. You know you don't have all the answers, you don't even have a why, you just have the unrelenting desire. You trust it and you begin writing. Your energy is palpable and you become a magnet, attracting serendipitous encounters.

Yeah, let that soak in.

I choose my own permission. I hope you do, too.