Live in a State of Uninhibited YES

My very first blog-site was called Bumble and Bliss. It lasted a couple years, until earlier this spring, when I knew it was time for a change. Hello Life Created Blissfully.

I mulled over the name for what felt like forever. The name is always my starting point. It needs to be the very thing that captures the essence of all that I do. It is my inspiration, my touchstone, my solid ground.

Within days of launching Life Created Blissfully, I didn't like it. I knew what was missing, and what I really wanted, but I kept things as they were.

I put my real wanting on hold because I was afraid of what others would think. Flaky, inconsistent, unreliable, yada yada ugh.

I never stopped thinking about it, the thing I really wanted, which is a website in my own name. Oh, of course that came with its own critical nit-picking, but I know better than to listen that voice.

Holding back is not a feel-good state for my spirit. I prefer lusty, unpredictable wildness. I prefer permission to change my mind as often as I need to. I need to live in a state of uninhibited YES.

My intuition is a relationship that is still in the awkward, getting to know each other, phase. For me to know for sure, I need to do it. That can be costly + time consuming, but it's my process. I experiment, I do the work, I wear the title, I feel the mechanics of it, and then I know: this is totally me or nope, this doesn't feel right.

All this is to say two things:

1) I am very close to launching a new website, under my own name, that will be part blog, part portfolio, all me.

2) When something doesn't feel right, change it.

Don't be a hero and try to hang in there, telling yourself that you'll grow to like it. Your gut is wise.

Try new things, take huge leaps of faith, and change direction when the breeze doesn't feel quite right.