What is Waiting to Happen?

It's been simmering under your skin for a long time hasn't it?

Perhaps a wish, a longing. Maybe a dream, a wanting.

What is it that is waiting to happen?

When you are driving through rush hour traffic, on autopilot (red light, green light, stop, go), it's there between the replay of the emails of the day and planning dinner for the evening.

What is waiting to happen?

Is it cleaning out the pantry and restocking with whole foods, so that you can experience real nourishment in your body?

Is it redesigning your website, so that you can be more yourself in the world?

Is it purchasing that black knit dress (the one that hugs all the right curves) at full price, so that you can claim your worth?

Is it burning the letters from an ex-boyfriend under the full moon, so that you can fully let go and finally move on?

Is it deactivating one, two, or all of your social media accounts, so that you can experience a different kind of connecting?

Is it submitting an article to your favorite magazine, (and then another one), so that you can get comfortable with pushing past fear of rejection?

What is waiting to happen, sweet darling?

Is it purchasing a luscious red lipstick, so that you can play the role of vixen from time to time?

Is it taking a solo weekend trip, so that you can rediscover your independence within the support of a solid relationship?

Is it asking your lover to take nude photos of you, so that you can push past inhibitions?

Is it saying goodbye to a friendship that no longer lifts you up, so that you can make room for a friend who believes in your sparkle?

Is it getting that tattoo you've been longing for, so that your wild spirit can feel satiated?

What is it?

What is waiting to happen, so that you can live more fully in your light?